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What is CCS Agreement RM1063?

CCS Agreement RM1063 is a framework agreement for the provision of legal services. It is managed by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) on behalf of the UK Government and is designed to provide a cost-effective way for public sector organisations to access legal expertise.

The agreement covers a wide range of legal services, including:

– Corporate and commercial law

– Employment law

– Intellectual property law

– Litigation and dispute resolution

– Property law

– Public law and regulatory law

Why use CCS Agreement RM1063?

There are several benefits to using CCS Agreement RM1063 for legal services. Firstly, it provides a quick and easy way for public sector organisations to access legal expertise without having to go through a lengthy procurement process. Secondly, it ensures that organisations receive the best value for money by leveraging the buying power of the government. Finally, it provides access to a wide range of legal expertise, ensuring that organisations can access the right legal support for their needs.

How to use CCS Agreement RM1063?

To use CCS Agreement RM1063, public sector organisations must first register on the CCS eSourcing portal. Once registered, they can access the agreement and start searching for legal services suppliers. The suppliers on the agreement have already been through a rigorous selection process, ensuring that they meet the high standards required by the government.

When selecting a supplier, organisations should consider factors such as the supplier`s experience and expertise in their chosen area of law, their track record of delivering high-quality legal services and their pricing structure. Once a supplier has been selected, the organisation can then issue a call-off contract using the terms and conditions set out in the agreement.


CCS Agreement RM1063 is an important framework agreement for public sector organisations looking to access legal services. By using the agreement, organisations can save time, money and ensure that they receive high-quality legal support. If you are a public sector organisation in need of legal services, then CCS Agreement RM1063 is definitely worth considering.