Personal Life

Born PRINCE MOSES TEMITAYO FOLORUNSHO SAMUEL (OLOKO) a.k.a LOCO or Loco de la Cruz;  in Ilaje Ese Odo Local Government Area in present day Ondo State Nigeria;  is a Nigerian record Producer, Singer and Dancehall aficionado.

He began doing music ever before he could walk, and coming from a profound music background- (yes his father was an instrumentalist and singer in Church); he started producing and writing his own songs; hear him:

…I inherited music from my late father who was an instrumentalist and a singer in church …before now I have been in school trying to get educated…”

Loco who recently collaborated with Canadian ace rapper and lyricist- Mlow Official in two banging tracks (Special One & Unconditional Luv) promptly declares that he did not choose to do music, rather music chose him.

“…I did not choose music …music chose me  …it has been in me i cant deny it…i started music at a very tender age, I remember quite well i destroy most of my mom’s cassettes because I used to dub on it trying to record my own song, or imitate the likes of King Suny ade,Olando owo etc. …my genre of music i can consider it to be –  r n b, highlife ,and afro pop. I write all my songs myself. The kind of message i intend to pass to people with my music is – encouragement, love, hope, God and life…”

With voice so smooth and sweet like a nightingale, this Crush singer has no love lost for cigarettes, and this somehow could be attributed to the secret behind the awesome singing vocal cord.

This Ilaje Ondo State Ilaje born performer takes his performance and practice sessions a little deeper to his closet, and most times too close for comfort, and even utterly unconventional to say the least. If you must know, he sings even when he sleeps, humming for the most part.

“…i do rehearsals at home sometimes in my room, in the bath room disturbing the whole that is bases on how inspired I am….my voice is natural…i don’t smoke or drink..Its hard for people to believe it because they always ask how do you keep your voice so good. But if i don’t sing for a while it will affect my voice performance in studio .so every morning i do some voice exercise like Humming …”

On his inspiration and how he creates the beautiful kind of music he does, he has this to say-

“…my inspirations are from situations like pains, heartbreak, downfall, etc.…”

Loco grew up pretty rough and at the moment had to interrupt his academic pursuits abruptly as a result of some life’s challenges. However, he has stayed loyal and true to the game, keeping his passion and love by churning out good music to his ever growing fans, cut across varied age, race, sex and creed.

Afro pop being his main genre, Loco creates rich sounds mostly via his mood at any given moment he insists-

“…to make my own music it all depends on how i feel at the moment …maybe am happy, emotional or depressed  …Most time situation, but currently now the new style i use to make music is – Listen to the beat, try to get into the vibe, then i summon the word and record…”

Music has had its challenges especially for an upcoming Artiste with no formal sponsor and deep pockets, so he relies mostly on promoting his works basically via his contacts online.

Awards & Nominations:

Name of Award




Top naija music award ACT WITH POTENTIAL 2014 WON
Niger Delta Notice Award (NDNA) Next Rated and Rookie of the year 2016 NOMINATED
Hot Sound Music Awards    Best Highlife Single 2017 NOMINATED
Afriarts Music Awards (AMA) Best Afro Pop Single 2019 WON
Afriarts Music Awards (AMA) New Discovery Producer of the Year 2019 WON
Afriarts Star Awards & Recognition (AFSAR) Best Producer of the Year 2020 WON
Afriarts Star Awards & Recognition (AFSAR) Best E.P 2020 WON
Afriarts Star Awards & Recognition (AFSAR) Best Mix and Mastering of the Year 2021 WON
Afriarts Star Awards & Recognition (AFSAR) Artiste of the Year 2022 WON


Loco de la Cruz whose hobbies or do we say extra talents include playing of football, because aside singing, dude has it hots for the round leather game. At some point, outside music, he contemplated playing football on a professional scale or better still serving his country in uniform as a Soldier!

His music is sincerely hinged on hardwork & success, Love & Romance; but above all, his kinda music is soft yet loud, racy albeit consistent then lyrically explosive but surprisingly sensual and appealing to the auditory, visual and even olfactory senses of his listeners.

This Musician cum vocalist (“…what i do apart from music is still music…lols…cos it is beat production and it’s still part of music); has his sights set to make some highly remarkable global conquest via his music, especially as he has put the Naija contemporary afro pop tone and rhythm on the world map when he teamed up forces with one of Canada’s finest lyricist- Mlow Official. He retorts:

“…my current project is working on a international level with a Canadian rapper Mlow official …taking my music globally also featuring in his album  … Life has been the good bad and ugly for me…but i want the good once more…it’s not being fun without money…i see myself on the A list artist in Nigeria …hoping to be a mentor to many…”

Loco is still strutting his stuff and in no distant time we see this multi talented act growing and spreading his musical and Artistic tentacles all around the globe, in a career we believe will span so many years. one with so much success and high expectations.